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Family Comes First

My Dad battled cancer for years. It was basically something that I grew up with. Countless trips to the hospital, pills on top of pills and definitely some battles between us at home. There was good; going to hockey games with him, listening to his recounts of youth and of course his insanely long winded jokes. Through it all I had only one photograph of him. So after his passing, I racked my brain, there had to be something that I could do to make the course of cancer better for others. This where the idea of this, The Family Comes First project comes from. I am offering a family session to anyone that has a loved one affected by cancer. I want to create images that reflect the love of a family that can so easily get over looked in those crazy times. Shoot me an email and we can chat working out details of photographing your family.

This video could not have been possible without:

My mom. She didn’t fully know what this was all about until the video was finally done. She was so willing to help despite my lack of explanation. She has put so much effort into the care of our family there is no way that I can ever repay her.

Kendra. Thank you for being along my side through this all. Your love helped in so many ways. All that love back to you.

Brock Mitchell. The one who created this amazing video. The energy that he put forth from our very first meeting for this project over coffee. To the many hours I know you logged in front of a computer. I am very grateful for that energy along with your friendship.

David Brunning.You were so willing to just sit and chat over coffee. Those incredibly honest chats brought a ton of clarity to this project. You are a great man that continues to inspire.

Lori Ray. The instant that we met I knew how amazing your were. Your care and compassion for your patients is so remarkable. It was amazing to have you back this project with such conviction, you are a major reason that it has come to what it is today.

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